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Frequently Asked 

Where can we see Dr Dylan?

Your child can be seen in private rooms at Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Wollongong Surgical Associates or the rooms in Bowral.

If they need surgery and are younger than six months of age, or if the surgery is more complicated than simple day case surgery, this will need to be done at Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick.

For day case surgery, this can be done at Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick.

As Dylan has appointments at both Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick and Campbelltown Hospital, you can have all your treatment at no cost through the public system if that is your preference. There are outpatient clinics at both of these sites also.

Do I need a referral?

Yes, a referral is needed so that you can claim the Medicare rebate on the consultation fee. GP referrals are valid for 12 months and referrals from other specialists are valid for 3 months.

What are the costs involved?

If you would like to be seen through the private rooms, there is a cost involved, some of which you will get back through Medicare. To have an operation privately, most procedures will be done as "Known Gap" surgery.

Can my child be circumcised?

Yes they can. However, Dylan does not do newborn circumcision. Circumcision is only done under an anaesthetic after the age of six months, unless there is a medical indication to have it done sooner.

Image by Christian Bowen
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